Bluff & Ravine Restoration

Bluff & Ravine Restoration
Since 1987, Goldberg General Contracting (GGC) has collaborated with some of the most prominent residential architects in Chicago. The firm is an established builder of custom-designed homes. Of the many projects built by the firm, a number have been located along ravines on the North Shore, and the bluffs of Lake Michigan. As compelling as they are, waterfront locations often naturally experience erosion over time. To address the issues, GGC provides clients critical restoration services to manage property improvements for the long-term.
Ravine Stabilization
All of the project locations we build upon require new infrastructure. Shoreline properties are a particular challenge, as they rest upon sandy soil that is often in need of stabilization and restructuring. Sand has natural characteristics that can cause shifting. Water runoff only furthers depleting conditions. As a result, sand laden soil needs to be tested, as it may not provide sufficient load bearing for new foundations and structures.

Bluff Restoration
Fully exposed to the elements, bluffs along Lake Michigan frequently need restoration. Erosion has been increasing due to record high water levels throughout the last decade. The increasing height of wave activity is deteriorating the protective sand dunes at the base of the shoreline. The lake levels are rising due in part to a recurrence of extreme 100-year rainfall events. The erosion of coastline is threatening shoreline structures as instability in the land is leading to receding bluffs. The increase of weather-related damages on the Great Lakes is prompting engineers to take new approaches to stabilizing vulnerable waterfront sites.

Site Engineering
Extensive planning is required for the long-term stability of the built environment. There are a number of steps needed to secure new buildings. Soils require testing and evaluation for conditions, bearing capacity, and composition. The height of the water table also requires assessment. Once existing conditions are established, engineering can begin. Under the guidance of engineers, including civil, geotechnical, structural, or shoreline, waterfront properties can be stabilized for new construction projects.
35 Years of Experience
For more than three decades, Goldberg General Contracting has honed its leadership skills at building award-winning custom projects. As the climate changes, and weather patterns become more challenging, GGC will remain a stabilizing resource for our clients with properties in need of restoration. As we enter into a new era, GGC will continue its leadership approach, using the latest construction methods at the forefront of engineering and technology – to the benefit of our clients.

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