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Share this Post A North Shore architect reverses the role between indoors and out in a home for her family. “Yes you can’t go wrong when you open your home to nature”, Celeste Robbins, of Robbins Architecture, explains of the house she designed for her family on a wooded lot bordering a ravine in Glencoe. Large windows throughout the home …

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Custom Home of the Year, Lincoln Park


Share this Post Custom Home of the Year: Lincoln Park Residence, Chicago Custom Home Of The Year By: Bruce D. Snider Custom Home of the Year: Lincoln Park Residence, Chicago This year’s Custom Home Of The Year was nearly a century and a half in the making. Once a barn and a storefront of in in-town dairy, the original structures …

The Zero-Carbon House


Share this Post Carbon-Free Chicago The Windy City’s first net-zero-energy home employs a butterfly roof and other smart design ideas to help it unplug from the grid. Homes are responsible for 23 percent of the energy used in the US and 18 percent of carbon emissions. In cities like Chicago, where the temperature can vary by 100 degrees, heating and …

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Chicago sets sustainability example


Share this Post March 22, 2011 “On a day like today, when the sun is streaming in through the south-facing windows, it’s a great feeling to know the solar panels on the roof are sending energy to my neighbors’ houses,” says Michael Yannell, owner of the Midwest’s first net-zero-energy house—the first in Chicago to earn LEED-Platinum certification and one of …

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Chicago home hides 48 rooftop solar panels


Share this Post Michael Yannell built a 2,675 square-foot home in Chicago designed to produce more energy than it uses. It has a 10-kilowatt solar array, composed of 48 rooftop panels largely obscured by the distinctive butterfly-shaped rooftop solar panels from street view. His gorgeously green adobe, designed to produce more energy than it uses, has other nifty design features. …

Making the Coolest Use of Space


Share this Post Making the coolest use of space Materials and Minimalism The Chicago-based software company 37 Signals, whose co-founder Jason Fried is an Inc. columnist, sought an office environment that would encourage collaboration among employees. Working with architects Brininstool, Kerwin, and Lynch, the company devised a plan for a long row of “team rooms” with clear glass walls and …

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Inside 37Signals New Office in Chicago


Share this Post For a Company That Sells Productivity, A Space That Fosters It Inside 37signals’ new office in Chicago. When you’re a company that focuses on productivity tools, you set a high bar for you own practices. For the last seven years, 37signals, a company that produces products like the project management software Campfire and Basecamp, as well as …

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Best Green Houses


Share this Post Multiplicity: A city residence is equipped with systems and materials that wear many sustainable hats. Michael Yannell is a hands-on client. When the Chicago-based pharmacist and animal-rights activist tapped local architecture studio Farr Associates to design a sustainable home, he had already carefully winnowed several sites from his realtor’s long list of options, basing his shortlist on …

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Design Details – Staircases


Is it a mere staircase, or is it a stairway to heaven? Good design and interesting materials make the difference. If your house plan is on more than one level, you’re gonna need steps. But there’s no reason they have to be either boring or hidden. With the right materials in the mix, a good-looking stairway can become a memory …

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2010 Residential Design Awards

13 Residential Architect, 2010 Residential Design Awards a

Share this Post The elegance of schematic plans typically frays a bit on the way from trace paper to bricks-and-mortar reality, but architect Brad Lynch’s house in Chicago’s North Side seems to have made the trip unscathed. The big ideas here include a kitchen/dining/living space that spans the depth of the building between end walls of floor-to-ceiling glass. “My homage …

Custom Home, 2010
Custom Builder of the Year


Share this Post Custom Builder of the Year By Bruce D. Snider If one were to design a curriculum for aspiring high-end urban custom builders, it might look a lot like Jake Goldberg’s life. His father, who had studied at the Illinois Institute of Technology in the 1950’s under Mies van der Rohe, ran his architecture firm out of the …

Design Solutions: Sustainably Chic

ELLEDecor Design SolutionsSustainably Chic 1

Share this Post REMODEL + RENOVATE DESIGN SOLUTIONS: SUSTAINABLY CHIC A LEED platinum-certified home in Chicago is a showcase for stylish living Written by Fred A. Bernstein ED: So it’s a kind of demonstration house? MY: I’m not saying every house should be like mine. I’m saying, look at my house, take one detail, and start there. ED: To accomplish …

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Yannell Residence, Chicago

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Share this Post Yannell Residence, Chicago, United States Yannell Residence, Illinois’ first LEED Platinum-certified home, boasts the nation’s highest score for a net-zero energy residence As Chicago’s first Net Zero Energy building – producing 40% more energy than it consumes – it demonstrates that beautiful, sustainable, energy-positive housing can be integrated seamlessly into existing housing stock in northern climates. The …